Monday, May 24, 2004

Mad about magazines.....

I love big glossy, colourful magazines where my imagination can take off to in a moments notice. I must admit they are one thing online but a lot more fun in hard copy. I love to browse the magazine section at Chapter's, they have so many. So here are the ones I subscribe to, but I will be adding more as time goes on, not necessarily my own but ones I feel worth mentioning.

Live life to the fullest, everyday,

The Oprah Magazine
I know I mentioned her before in the website section, but this magazine, is full of positive lifestyle ideas, living life to it's best. She really does have amazing energy to share.
a href="">

Homemaker's Magazine. Living the life you want.

Canadian House and Home. Canada's magazine of home and style. Our surroundings add to our comfort and joy of everyday living. I love it both online and hard copy.

National Geographic. Go to places you can only imagine.

The Decorative Artist.
This is my personal hobby, we all need a one. What's yours?
A general search to find yours can be found at

For those approaching retirement and after here is a great site to find your passion.

Find-a-word puzzles.
I just pick these up at the corner store but they are fun to do, and relaxing for the mind, and quite educational. These are available all over the net but here's one to start with. Now, where is that darn word!!!!

Sunday, May 23, 2004

My personal library on WELLNESS, believe me it does WORK

In my world of men (husband and sons) I have created my own little sanctuary, I call my "Girls Room". Here I am surrounded with frills, pretty pictures, flowers and my little "feel good" library. Today's postings are some of the books it includes with links(if they have them) to their online counterparts. Check back occasionally for new books. It's a beautiful day so I just may take my reading outdoors today.... stay well and happy.

Jane B.

Browse a book excerpt & book reviews for the books(or books like them)and subjects elow. Plus, book club reading guide and author biography, at

Simple Abundance: a daybook of comfort by Sarah Ban Breathmach

50+ Survival Guide: winning strategies for wealth, by David Tafler

Self Matters by Dr, Phil

Don't Sweat the Small Stuff: it's all small stuff.

Time-Life Encyclopedia of Gardening.

Reflections on RelaxationThe Scented Bath

More subjects than titles are books I have on:
Daily Affirmations

Yoga and meditationCats


Store catalogues
Photo albums

manuals, etc.

Friday, May 21, 2004

Wellness Websites

We all need a boost once in a while, read on....

Lifewise, this includes body care, lifestyle, newsletters, family matter, shopping, food, beauty, self-esteem and more....

iVillage: the internet for women. Includes health news, magazines, recipes, relationships, overcoming depression, etc. The official site of Canada's Association for the Fifty Plus, making 50plus the best time of your life. Hightlights on health, family, money, travel, retirement, and includes a free newsletter.

Canada Health Portal. Assess ato authoritative and trusted information and services. Includes health issues such as addictions, conditions & diseases, dental health, environmental health, mental health, healthy lifestyles, medications, treatments, organizations, nutrition, fitness, public health and more.... This site is for cleaning home and life. Declutter both.........enjoy. She is quite the character.

Compleat Botanica. This is a great piece of online gardening technology (one of my favorite hobbies) where you can research, log and publish your gardening tips. You can also collaborate with others online. Ah, fresh air.......

Oprah Winfrey's website. I love this site, even though I've only watched couple of her shows, she really is an amazing lady who shares online everything from fashion, to support groups. To infinity and beyond......

RealAge: live life to the youngest. From cancer and disease prevention to diet and fitness, RealAge provides personalized health information to help you reverse the aging process, look younger, and live longer. Develop an Age Reduction™ plan and a healthy lifestyle.

DogAge..Just for fun....consider your dog's health issues, afterall, they are family...from the creator's of RealAge


Aromatherapy, make sense of scents

Google search on "happiness". Wonderful links...straightforward stuff.

So that's it for today. Stay posted, I'll be going through my precious personal library on personal wellness.

Have a great day,
Jane B.